Teachers are the Pillars of SSA, Kolkata

Teachers are the Pillars of SSA, Kolkata

Information is not education. Only a receptive mind, one that is open to all possibilities, is the sign of a true educator. An educator absorbs, assimilates and then creates an environment for that information and knowledge to be imparted to others. In SSA each teacher is that pillar of support that shines the beacon of care, love and awareness because they themselves are seekers of the self.

I have found that over the years, the teachers at SSA have grown from “I” to “We”, from strength to strength, one that nurtures leadership in the children and mentors them to be good human beings first. The value based education as part of Gurudev’s vision is seeping right down to the grass-roots of the school as teachers volunteer even after school for Sri Kripa, extra-curricular activities and give back to the school in their own significant ways.

There is a deep sense of belonging and loyalty to the institution; I have found that it is a bond that binds them with affection and a mission to serve. Those who have been with the school from inception have grown simply because of their consistency and dedication to their own practice of the processes and in particular, the Sudarshan Kriya which has become the corner-stone of the belief system of the SSA family here in Kolkata.

SSA’s adherence of Gurudev’s vision, mission and practices have brought the teachers together as one big family – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam where there is a high degree of collectively conscious or ‘Chetna’ present in teachers as they embrace their roles year on year. It is true when I say that the School belongs to them and to every child that walks into school with open arms to grow, learn and celebrate life in the truest sense of the word. Life is meant to be lived with Joy and that is our mission for SSA – everyday.

What are the ways we can consciously become better educators and teachers?

Asking if you are abreast with new and progressive practices.
By encouraging participation in conferences, workshops and aligned with teacher groups and initiatives in education.
Peer- monitoring and micro-teaching sessions and also prepare ourselves to evaluate others and give objective feedback.
Reflection, especially in relation to specific and current school practices and curriculum which leads to better determine future progress and take steps to change if need be.
Be open to feedback from others- parents, other teachers, staff and children themselves.
Lastly, find time for in-house training in professional courses, technology updation, skill and enquiry based training blended with organizational skills in the holidays.

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