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6 Nov 2017 Chitkara University Youth meet with Sri Sri

Chitkara university. Youth meet with Sri Sri Signs of youth 1. Takes challenges 2. Undying enthusiasm 🌷Insecurity destroys your potential. Story of Shivaji when he felt insecure and asked his guru samarth ram das. Guru asked for his kingdom. Shivaji

Meditation for Parenting Toddlers: Unfolding Secrets

I cannot stop admiring her as she takes baby steps in an effort to walk independently. It seems that in no time, she has turned 16 months old. My beautiful yet adventurous journey of parenting has allowed me to capture these moments of a lifetime. At

Do you think that little children should be told scary fairy tales, because there are some German tales which are scary and I’ve heard people say they shouldn’t be told them.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:  Scary tales should kept in moderation. Suppose they are not told any scary tales at a young age, then when they grow up and they become aware of them, it will scare them even more. It will make them very weak. At the same time,

It would be wonderful to have our children grow up happily in this sometimes difficult world. What can we give them besides lots of love when they are still too young for meditation?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:  Just play with them. Don’t try to be a teacher all the time and start teaching them. In fact learn from them and respect them. And don’t get too serious with kids. I remember as a child, when my father would come home in the

How to be A Good Parent?

A Sacred Responsibility When it comes to children, parenting is a sacred responsibility. Our responsibility is not just providing food, shelter, and education. We are also responsible to ensure their mental outlook, emotions, intellect, thought processes,

Children don’t care about their parents when they grow up. Where do we fail as parents and what is your advice to parents so that this situation could be controlled?

That is why I say that it is important to instill the three types of trust in your children – trust in oneself, trust in the goodness of others, and trust in the Divine. A little bit of moral and spiritual values, and the way you treat your parents

There is so much competition in society that kids have no time to relax. There is a fear that they will not fit into society. How do we handle this situation?

You shouldn’t push them too much. You should teach them to relax. Music, meditation and some games will help. Take some time out to play games with your children, this is very important. Tell your children ‘Compete with yourself. How you did

How do I know if my child is into drugs or just moody?

That’s why it is important for you to know them and their friend circle. You will get to know what they do, where they go and keep a tab on them, especially when they are in their teenage. Teenage is a very difficult time. Teenagers are undergoing so

Sometimes dealing with kids gets so tricky that I tend to lose my patience. Every day I decide to be calm, but when the situation arises I am not able to control myself. What should I do?

You can’t do anything about it now, you have to live life spontaneously. It is okay to sometimes lose your temper, never mind. You should leave a little room for imperfection in life, and start accepting. Some kids are there to teach you a lot of lessons,

How do I deal with the rebelliousness of my kids?

Negative suggestions call for rebelliousness in the mind. If you say, “Don’t do it”, then the mind says, “Why? Let me do it!” The mind calls for rebelliousness. But if you say, “You can do it, only you won’t get the results”, then

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