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At SSA we believe that only an education that can nourish inbuilt virtues can impart true intelligence. We are committed to providing world-class facilities and personalized attention to help students become self-assured and accomplished individuals. This philosophy is what sets us apart, focusing on the holistic development of each student to unlock their full potential.

Nature has already provided all types of skill in every human. It just needs a little nurturing.

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Holistic Learning

At SSRVM educational institutes, learning is not limited to textbooks or classrooms. A holistic approach to learning is a focal point of education at all our institutes, across geographies. This feature positions us as one of the top rated schools in India.

We nurture your mind. And we ensure that education opens up young minds to a world of possibilities. We shape people into confident, strong leaders, who are passionate about their vocation, be it arts or science. Your socio-economic background or any social conditioning does not decide your path in life; knowledge and your mental strength do impact your path to success. And we equip you with both!  

Once at SSRVM Trust institute, we help you understand who you are, what your strengths are, and we hone your skills in a holistic fashion, through meditation, age-old wisdom, inculcating a spirit of sportsmanship and a lot more, besides classroom learning. We rever knowledge and we pass on that reverence to our students as well.  

And our circle of influence goes way past the classroom. We remain your mentors throughout, guiding you through the vagaries of life, helping you triumph throughout. This sets SSRVM Trust institutes apart and makes them one of the top schools in India, that help students succeed in the real world.

Holistic Learing

Our Belief

Our founder Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji gave us profound wisdom in the form of the Five Aspects of Education. This forms our pillar of learning across institutes. He says, the five aspects of education are in accordance with the five elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire and space). Here’s how it works:  
Our concepts should be as solid as the earth. Our attitude should be like that of water that takes the shape of the container that it is. We should treat information like air, which means we should have the readiness to receive it from all sources like the air all around us! Imagination should be like fire and freedom in the mind, should be like the all-pervading space everywhere!  
We structure every bit of our education at all our institutes, based on these five aspects of education.

Our Curriculum

Not all aspects of learning can be free-flowing. Education demands structure, a sound framework, and discipline to attain knowledge. With that in mind, our team of academicians have conceptualized a sound curriculum for every course. This curriculum is a culmination of years of research. It is a perfect blend of the best curriculums of prestigious institutes across the world and our National Curriculum Framework. The result is a unique set of modules that allow a holistic learning experience for the students.

Our Methodolgy

We believe in imparting education in a holistic, learning-friendly manner. Our approach is experiential, interactive and learner-centric. We teach concepts using aids that sometimes go beyond the classroom. Students thus become very engaged in the process and learning is purely incidental. This lays a strong foundation of clear concepts in every mind.  
Our approach is not just limited to academic excellence. We also help strengthen young minds such that they go through life with an unwavering smile. We hone them into emotionally strong adults with a sense of purpose, to uplift the whole world. We equip students with the mental strength to deal with life, no matter what, with an upbeat and positive attitude. We thus impart life skills and not just a thirst for knowledge and excellence.

Our Global Footprint

Our educational institutes have created a web of excellence ,spanning across geographies. We have 117 Institutes including Sri Sri University, Sri Sri Ayurveda College and Hospital, Sri Sri Institute of Nursing, Sri Sri Institute of Fashion Studies. There are 109 Schools across 29 states including 2 Schools in Nepal and Oman. Over 0.5 million alumni have studied. 5,500 Educators are part of this transformation.

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"Have a clear goal and work for it without any feverishness. If you apply yourself sincerely and have the patience to hold on, you will find support from nature."

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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