SSRVM schools follow CBSE / ICSE syllabus. Our curriculum is based on the research based recommendations of the NCERT, and is designed to make learning fun, activity-based and experiential. Every child at SSRVM School has access to a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum comprises all the varied and exciting activities and experiences we offer to the children and includes all the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. We provide our children with an integrated approach to learning, covering academic and personal development and the development of global awareness.

Co-curricular Activities:

Co-curricular activities such as Carnatic music, Bharathanatyam and Folk dance, shloka chanting, art, craft, drawing, Taekwondo, sports and games, elocution, debates, drama, Yoga and meditation form an integral part of our school curriculum helping the children develop a creative bent of mind.

Our school children are encouraged to actively participate in our school annual function and also in various inter-school competitions, representing our school.

Students Evaluation & Progress Report:

Our Teachers monitor the progress of each and every child in their respective class on an on-going basis. The students are also given tests periodically to assess their learning ability and their progress report is reviewed with the parents on quarterly basis. The students are awarded grades based on their overall performance in the tests. The areas for improvement for every child is recorded and special attention is given by teacher to help the child improve in those areas, thereby ensuring that the child is making continuous progress in every aspect of learning.

Parents’ Support:

SSRVM schools recognize that the growth of a child cannot happen in isolation or merely at the school. Parents play a very important role in providing the right environment at home and at other social circles.

To address and facilitate this role of the parents, SSRVM has devised and periodically organizes a special, two-hour “KNOW YOUR CHILD” and “KNOW YOUR TEENS” workshop for the parents. These programs help the parents to understand their child’s behaviour in the right perspective and mould their response to help focus, orient and blossom the child’s growth.