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The counselling given through the website https:// www.ssrvm.org/helpline is being provided merely on the details provided by the user. The user understands and concur that all, or bit, of the counselling is absolutely at the end of their discretion and risk. Any act or effort, or lack of an act or effort taken by the user of such counselling is done entirely at their will and culpability of the user and not the responsibility or accountability of the facilitator. The facilitator’s are providing the service “as is”, without guarantee of any kind, either conveyed or indirect, including without restriction on any guarantee for facts provided, facility, counselling, steady admittance, or products and facilities provided along or in relation with this facility. The procedure and technique by which this advice and guidance are conveyed are in no way would comprise a consensus or accountability on the part of facilitator and is legitimate to be different in several ways than a personal consultation or counselling procedure which would have happen if the person in charge for counselling and the person in charge for consultation were to meet at a physical venue. This facility and the details on ssrvm.org is not to be seen as a replacement attempt to find consultation with professional medical or psychological aid and is absolutely not an alternative for personal consultation or therapy or cure for suicidal ideation, or acute psychiatric problems. This facility is an outstanding method to collect individualized statistics with which conclusions can be reached. Before confirming a query kindly be particular and comprehensive with regard to the issue, such as the past counselling experience or treatment any elements related to the issue. No undertaking or presumption of obligation is made by the facilitator and the user is requesting the facility hereby implying that he/she will indemnify them and hold the facilitators harmless in any form or fashion. Anyone concerned about any specific query with regard to individual health or treatment should contact local hospital emergency department for further assistance. By sending or submitting the queries to https://www.ssrvm.org/helpline you hereby declare that you accept and agree to read and understood this disclaimer and comply with the procedure mentioned here. SSRVM, its associates, it’s counsellors and employees nor any other party involved in creating, producing or maintaining this site shall be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access to, or use of, this site or the information contained within.