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The Art of Living Student Helpline

Age 11 to 23 years

Why Helpline?

Students today face many problems and feel lack of proper guidance - There are problems with growing up, facing peer pressure, bullying in the class, career selection, concentration issues, sexual abuse, family trouble and many more. With no proper guidance students develop wrong habits, are unable to manage emotions and loose their ability to relate to others. In the classroom setting, these can lead to poor behaviour, attention deficiency, lower grades along with increased incidences of depression.

Statistics show that, In India, Lifetime prevalence of depression and anxiety increases from 1% of the population under age 12 years to ~17%-25% of the population by the end of adolescence. The greatest increase in new cases occurs between 15-18 years. Indian empirical studies have reported a prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in the range between 14.4% and 31.7%; thus, affecting psychosocial functioning.

We need Students to grow into balanced, progressive individuals. They need to be given tools and proper guidance to handle problems - to channelize their minds into stress free, focused minds.

The Art of Living Student Helpline does exactly that!

How it Works?

Our Team consists of trained individuals who provide step by step guidance to student and parents to help students cope with fast changing circumstances. Helpline provides a private & confidential online meeting with an expert counsellor both for students and parents. Session can be booked online at https://ssrvm.org/helpline/booking. For queries, Helpline Support Team can be reached at helpline@ssrvm.org / +91 6361907188.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is counseling?

Ans. Consulting a therapist (professional trained person) with whom you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Q) Is counseling for ill people or those with mental disorders? If I require counselling does that mean I am not normal?

Ans. Counselling means that perhaps you are in a situation where you are confused and disturbed and you need help to work with that situation.

Q) Why Online Counseling?

Ans. Online Counseling provides the following benefits -

• Convenient

• Can deal with embarrassing issues without having to see anyone

• Your anonymity is protected

Q) What to expect from counselling?

Ans. Often we don’t think of situation in a rational way. Counsellor is unbiased and will/helps you to look at the negative or irrational pattern of thinking which provides you with perspective and helps you to deal with.

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