CAPGEMINI/SSRVM School Adoption Project Activity: Menstrual Health & Hygiene for Adolescent Girls Students (Std 6th to 8th)- June 24th 2016.

Kharegaon -3 personal counselling

kharegaon -7 prize to winner

kharegaon -9 in session

kharegaon -13 distributing chocolates

CAPGEMINI/SSRVM School Adoption Project by Indrani Sarkar AT SSRVM Thane.
Activity: Menstrual Health & Hygiene for Adolescent Girls Students (Std 6th to 8th)- June 24th 2016.
School no 56, Ovla & School no 67, Kharegaon for a total of 97 girl students (Thane)

The session began with an introductory speech on the joint initiative of Capgemini and SSRVM of upgrading Thane schools.
It was followed by an interactive dialogue with students about the onset of menstruation and puberty.
An insight into myths and taboo surrounding menstruation was provided and the biological changes in the body were highlighted through audio visual presentations and videos. Menstrual health and hygiene was discussed in details with inputs from teachers and students. There was active participation from all students. The fears, challenges and concerns and the pre –menstrual syndrome (PMS) were also discussed. Tips on personal hygiene, diet and physical health were provided along with practical guidelines for maintaining cleanliness during menstrual cycle.
The lecture culminated into a quiz on health and hygiene and five winners were short listed and given prizes. Others were given chocolates as token of appreciation.
Children were initially apprehensive about discussing menstrual problems but as the session progressed, they opened up and started responding to questions.
There was a personal counseling and examination session wherein children came one by one and addressed their concerns.
The workshop concluded with some games and 15-minute meditation session. Everybody participated in the meditation with full enthusiasm and had a good experience.
They asked if we could come again, asked for our autographs and rushed along with us when we were leaving. It was an unique experience for us.
The teachers expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude to Capgemini and SSRVM.
Remarks: According to Arundathi Gurav, children who complained of stomach pain did not have food on time and suffered from acidity.
The workshop was co-ordinated by Indrani Sarkar and Karishma Arora.
Resource Person :: Ms. Arundhati Gurav.
(Arundathi is currently the Principal of MWP’s Institute of Nursing Education, Nasik . She has also been the Principal of Meenatai Thackeray Nursing Institute for 23 years)