How to cope with children’s expectations when they compare themselves with others and demand the things that others have?

You have to tell children that you can only give them this much and they shouldn’t compare themselves with others.
It is important that you don’t give them any false hope. At the same time, we can give them a dream. If you pass or do this, maybe you will get it. Here lies the importance of bringing them up with that sensitivity and belongingness. That is why I say, make your children participate in your life instead of teaching them, then they will not even ask you. They should be a participant in your life, then they will be sensitive towards you, rather than putting a demand on you.

Before you become a good father or mother, you need to become a good uncle or aunt. You should communicate more with the friends of your children. They will listen to you. Suppose, if your son or daughter’s friends have any wrong habit, you can influence them to change. They will listen to you more than their own parents.