6 Nov 2017 Chitkara University Youth meet with Sri Sri

Chitkara university.
Youth meet with Sri Sri

Signs of youth

1. Takes challenges
2. Undying enthusiasm

🌷Insecurity destroys your potential.

Story of Shivaji when he felt insecure and asked his guru samarth ram das. Guru asked for his kingdom. Shivaji immediately gave it to his guru. He felt happy that burden has left him. He was going when guru called him back and told that Shivaji had to work thinking that he was guru’s servant. After that he just moved forward.

🌷Remember that there’s a power greater than us who will give us strength.

🌷When mind is strong even an unhealthy body can be taken forward.

🌷Move away from insecurity.
Even when we are financially secure. Even then people fear humiliation.

Now stand with conviction that nobody can humiliate me. Then confidence, potential cannot be put down by anyone. Nobody can make you sad. Move away from fear of humiliation. Be ready to be humiliated.

Everybody has been humiliated. Sri Ram also faced so much humiliation. His wife was abducted. Krishna was humiliated so much. Buddha had to undergo humiliation. Adi Shankaracharya was humiliated so much. He went from Kerala to Kashmir, Gujarat to kamakya. How many Hindus troubled him? He came with reform. But nobody could take his smile away. Guru Govind Singh Maharaj- he also faced humiliation from his own disciples. India would have never been India if it was not him.

💐Have a goal. Two goals. Personal goal and goal for society. For your state, for your country. I want this thing happen in my state, society. This should go hand in hand like riding a bicycle. Social activity, cultural activity and educational excellence. Otherwise you won’t be happy. So individual goal and societal goal.

🌷You should be naughty. Why are worried about small small things.
Be happy and make everyone happy. Art of living is the place where hearts are mended.

🌷Don’t even think of suicide. Don’t let anyone else do it as well. Send them to art of living I will make them strong.

If you want to die come to me i will send you to kargil… Fight like a hero and die.

🌷Don’t lose your heart. Meditate. Do Kriya. Energy will increase.
Don’t sit and talk negative for a long time. Hippocampus in your brain will have leisons when you talk negative for a long time, you will start getting Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, bi polar etc. Meditation is the only thing which will help you. Harvard, Stanford have researched how sudarsan Kriya and meditation helps.

🌹How did you convince your parents to become a saint? Didn’t they want to make you a doctor or engineer?
Sri Sri.Fortunately not. Skillfully convicted.

🌹Can I have some personal time?
Sri Sri.Sure. I only talk personally. One to one.

🌹Quality of a great student?
Sri Sri.Being a student itself is great. All your life you should be a student. Greatness in life is that you are a student till last minute.

🌹 Don’t feel like studying. What to do?
Sri Sri.Watch diet, do exercise, do pranayama meditation, then you will be able to study.

If you want to punish someone give them curd & rice and don’t let them sleep.😀

🌹How do you manage an NGO reach 152 countries?
Sri Sri.This is a matter of case study. Same question World Bank President asked me. It’s the money alone which brings success. It’s the enthusiasm, energy. Inspiration. Motivation. Fire in us. Which can make us achieve bigger things. Youths in their holidays take up done projects for society. One youth made his entire village free of open defecation. Do YLTP program during your holidays. Then you will know.

🌹What’s true love?
Sri Sri.Love is the truth. Love is the only truth in the world. All other emotions are distortions of love. Rest are all distortions of love. Read intimate note to the sincere seeker book.



Makes your life happy

Must for everyone

🎄Freedom or discipline

🎄Lata mageshkar or Shreya goshal
Two spectrums of our musical heritage

🎄Hostel life or day scholar
Have their own charms.

🎄Social or print media
They check each other. Check mate for each other

🎄Job or business
Choice yours blessing mine.First job then business.

Food for soul

🎄Secret of your smile
Still remains a secret

( Not verbatim)